LEXI icons with green body parts (no impairment)lexi-01-2lexi-01-1lexi-01-3
LEXI icons with yellow body parts (mild impairment)lexi-02-1lexi-02-2lexi-02-3
LEXI icons with orange body parts (moderate impairment)lexi-03-1lexi-03-2lexi-03-3
LEXI icons with red body parts (severe impairment)lexi-04-2lexi-04-3lexi-04-1

LEXI is the system which explains para‑sport classification

Unisex figure diagrams and a traffic light colour system describe impairments

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LEXI works in any language and on any platform

LEXI - A T44 race featurning Marlou van Rhijn

This is a T44 race

Watch LEXI’s explanation of the T44 classification

A T54 race in full flow

...and this is a T54 race

Here is LEXI’s explanation

Paralympic celebration, London 2012

LEXI turns viewers into fans by demystifying para‑sport classification

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