LEXI: Alternative Designs

Finding the right design for LEXI was an extensive process, here are a selection of the designs that were trialled before settling on the final look and feel.


Masculine shape

LEXI multicolour 1

Feminine shape

female multi colour 1


With clothing

clothed multi colour jan17 v2clothed multi colour jan 2017

Coloured Stripey clothes

Lexi 6a clothed multi colour jan 2017


Feminine & masculine hair

hair multi colour fem male revised jan 2017 copy

Different hand, finger and arm shapes

Green hands and bent arms

Lexi 7 & 12 straight & bent elbow multi colour jan 2017 copy


Outer body glow

Green with glow

Colour glow variants



Outer body glow on early shape

Lexi stickmen with glow

5-way colour design with dotted line

Stickman key

Tablet design

Scrabble stickman

Block-colour version

Stickman blocks


Heavy outline cut-outs

stickman with outline

Segmented body design

Butchers chop look

Butchers chop look

Butchers chop look COLOURS

Butchers chop look COLOURS

Multi LEXI Butchers chop look

Multi LEXI Butchers chop look


Tonal colours

Lexi random colours 8 copy

Muscled appearance



Blue base

Blue base


Further shape experimentation

Lexi masculine 2


Swimmer shape


Multi-coloured swimmer

Swimmer variations

Running shape


Runners rainbow

runners lexi