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[text tag=”h1″]LEXI is the system which explains para-sport classification[/text]


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[text]Unisex figure diagrams and a traffic light colour system describe impairments[/text]


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Marcel Hug, SUI, T54 400m finals with LEXI
Marcel Hug, SUI, T54 400m finals with LEXI

LEXI works in any language and on any platform


[video_scene name=”marlou” copyright=”Helene Wiesenhaan” scene_id=”5″ text1=”This is a T64 race” text2=”Watch LEXI’s explanation of the T64 classification” id=”142681107″ start=”2″ end=”24″ title=”LEXI – T44 Explained” description=”A video showing how LEXI explains the T44 classification in para-sports”]LEXI - A T44 race featurning Marlou van Rhijn[/video_scene]

[video_scene name=”david” copyright=”Lieven Coudenys” scene_id=”7″ text1=”…and this is a T54 race” text2=”Here is LEXI’s explanation” touch_text=”Here is LEXI’s explanation of the T54 classification” id=”142681109″ start=”2″ end=”24″ title=”LEXI – T54 Explained” description=”A video showing how LEXI explains the T54 classification in para-sports”]A T54 race in full flow[/video_scene]
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Paralympic celebration, London 2012

LEXI turns viewers into fans by demystifying para‑sport classification





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