LEXI Types

Showcase Video


Short videos that take the viewer away from the sport to explain each class, returning them ready to engage fully with the sport.

LEXI 2.0

Integrated LEXI graphics that are placed over the sport pictures at the host feed stage of production. In this form it works either as a recap of LEXI 3D videos or as quick information for audiences that have greater classification knowledge.  Commentators are supplied with approved scripting to refer to the LEXI 2.0 graphic. Because each broadcaster provides the voicing it works across every language simultaneously.

LEXI icon

Individualised, fully integrated LEXI graphics which attach a LEXI icon to each individual athlete. This creates a continual flow of classification information right the way through the sporting coverage. It is particularly useful in sports where athletes wear a lot of clothing.

LEXI Augmented Reality

LEXI graphics float in the studio space allowing for presenters to fully interact with the explanation of classification.

LEXI Stadium

LEXI Stadium animations are voiced by the in-venue commentators or announcers. They can be made in any shape to fit the size ratio of the screens available.

Guide books help commentators to say something accurate and concise in under 10 seconds.

Screen Test


Marcel Hug, SUI, T54 400m finals with LEXI on the info board


LEXI can be integrated into any website that aims to explain classification to non-expert audiences.

A website where LEXI has been integrated into the pages


LEXI can be integrated into any app that aims to explain classification to non-expert audiences. This can be part of an App for an event or an ongoing source of information about para-sport.

LEXI was integrated into the London 2017 IPC World Athletics Championships app

Social Media

LEXI can form content for social media channels to keep audiences informed and engaged with para-sport.


LEXI works in printed media: newspapers, magazines and sports programmes.

Paralympic Games feature in the Daily Mirror utilising LEXI


The books, LEXI: Paralympic Classification and LEXI: Paralympic Classification – Winter Sports, explain every class in every sport across the summer and winter games.

LEXI Black&White